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Discover the region through various circuits.

Corsican roads have a reputation of being very windy; not a soul on the roads but instead plenty of cows, pigs and other farm animals living in the open. Through this package we are suggesting you discover the island of beauty with 5 original circuits on wild tracks and paths. You will be repeatedly charmed by the little villages passed, the people met and the panoramic views. The numerous water fountains and mountain torrents give you plenty of opportunity to stop and refresh.

By discovering Corsica using only alternative transport methods such as biking, walking and public transport, you will experience a more peaceful way of travelling which is better for the environment!  


Day 1: Settling in at Corte

Rendez-vous in the Altipiani office, found in Corte centre, at the end of the afternoon. Briefing of the weeks programme and then taking you to the accommodation of your choice. .

Day 2 : Vizzavona Forest

Leave on a bus to the “col de Vizzavona”. Your route follows the earth tracks in the shade of the beech trees and the lariccio pines that make up the famous Vizzavona forest. Throughout the journey you can admire the panoramas of the surrounding area : Monde d’Oro, Punta di l’oriente up to San Petrone.  At the “cascade des Anglais”, literally the waterfall of the English, it is time to freshen up before the bus journey back to Corte (or the bike ride for the very sporty!)

Day 3: Circuit in Castagniccia

Castagniccia is one of the least touristy but best preserved regions due to its narrow and windy roads. By a little road, looking across the valley, you will discover the small villages of dry stone drawn out along the roads or perched on the rock promontories. Each village has its own little chapel, church, convent and above all a fountain.

Day 4: The Niolu

Leave Corte by bus, passing by the Scala di Santa Régina Valley to the col de Vergio. Here you will leave for a nearly 42km descent to the Castirla bridge. By this route you can admire the whole Niolu valley in the shadow of the highest summits of Corsica, including Monte Cinto (2 710m). Bathing is again possible in the Golo gorges before the last stage towards Corte.

Day 5 : Vivario

Leave for Vivario village by bus. Find yourself in the centre of the Parc Naturel Régional de Corse, where you can discover typical places (chapels, fountains) in the middle of an area that is completely protected. Upon reaching the old Genovese bridge at Noceta, it is possible to swim in the natural swimming pool of Vecchio.

Day 6 : Restonica Valley

Found in the heart of Corsica, the Restonica Valley is a listed site because of its’ beauty and richness in local heritage. Besides the beautiful landscape, the famous Corsican lakes Melo and Capitello are found here. In climbing up the valley, the road is scattered with waterfalls and natural swimming pools of (very!) cool clear water. At your leisure, you can choose the pools you want to freshen up in along the whole circuit. If you want to do more, from the end of the road you can go on foot up to the lakes.  

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