bandeau canyon

Descent of the Bas-Vecchio canyon

Easily accessible, the descent of the river allows a discovery of the activity in comfort. No technical transition, just little jumps, mini-slides, passages in the water and swim through large peaceful tanks. Nothing is compulsory and everything is progressive: the jumps start at the water's edge and make at maximum 5-6 meters.

Season : type of water

Located in the sun, the temperature of the water is so nice it is hard to get out. It keeps a good level of water throughout the summer.

Altipiani provides you with special canyon shoes, extremely adherent, you do not wet your shoes and you feel safe!


50€ /person


  • Village : Vivario
  • Watercourse : Vecchiu

  • Waterfall. maxWaterfall 0m
  • RappelRappel No
  • ApproachApproach5mn
  • DescentDescent 2h30
  • ReturnReturn 15mn
  • ShuttleShuttle no
  • Rockrock Granite

50€ !