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bandeau canyon

Canyoning trip

During your time with us, you will become familiar with canyoning, discovering a hidden, unusual, breathtaking universe. It will feel like a game!

Discover as a family the clear water canyons, the still-wild landscape and delight in multiple natural water toboggans, jumps, abseiling (rappelling) and Tyrolienne that you come across while descending rivers.

Ability level

  • Descending the river takes in total between 5 and 7 hours (including the walk to and from the car)
  • It is vital to be fit and to know how to swim. The minimum age is 8, as long as the child does a lot of sport.

in short


carte canyon

Day 1

Take the train (the trinichellu) from your place of arrival to Corte train station. We will meet you at the station and take you to your chosen accommodation.

Day 2

The Verghellu.

Transport to the Verghellu valley. An old mule track has an extraordinary view across the valley. We get to the river, equip ourselves and explain the activity. The first descent will enable you to encounter everything you come across while canyoning: toboggans, jumps, abseiling (rappelling) and Tyrolienne.

Day 3

Vecchiu river.

A steep path winds through the Corsican maquis up to the Vecchiu. The journey is devoted to exploring this beautiful wild river. A very water based day, crossing pools by swimming; excellent jumps are possible but not compulsory. We will even do a little bit of caving by sliding under the rocks placed in the river.

Day 4

""Active relaxation"

The choices:

Day 5

The Coriscia

Travelling to the Coriscia valley. We get to the river by walking up a straight path to get to an extremely untouched site. The descent is fun and varied with plenty of toboggans and numerous little jumps. With a rope, we will do 2 abseils (rappel). A day that will leave you with memories of magnificent turquoise water.

Day 6

Canyon de la Richiusa.

Descending the Richiusa canyon, the most well known in Corsica. Very fun; the canyon sets off in a beautiful steep sided gorge where the pools continuously flow on from one another. We take on the jumps, toboggans, an abseil (rappel) and even a Tyrolienne. After an unforgettable descent you will picnic by the banks of the river.

Day 7

End of the stay; return to your starting point on the trinichellu.

Please note, the above program is an indication, it could be possible that minor modifications may have to be made due to weather conditions and supplies.



The price includes


Supervision: a qualified instructor

Accommodation and food


Travelling: all the journeys from Corte from day 2 to 5.


Each individual borrows the needed equipment: wetsuit, helmet, canyoning rucksack, harness, leads, snap class and abseil device, ropes and water tight drums.

It does not include

Recommended materials

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For the canyoning :

For the stay: