bandeau canyon

Canyon of Haut Vecchio

Despite this descent not requiring the use of ropes, it is still one of the most athletic descents.

Firstly, the walk to the starting point is quite long. Then, it is an aquatic canyon with large deep pools with sometimes around 100 metres to cross by swimming. The real specialty of this descent is the jumps. The clearness of the water makes the 2 to 10 meter jumps seem even higher!

Season : type of water

Very aquatic, it is possible from the beginning of July and the water remains throughout the summer.

Altipiani provides you with special canyon shoes, extremely adherent, you do not wet your shoes and you feel safe!


70€ /person


  • Village : Vivario
  • Watercourse : Vecchiu

  • Waterfall. maxWaterfall 5m
  • RappelRappel No
  • ApproachApproach40mn
  • DescentDescent 4-5h
  • ReturnReturn 45mn
  • ShuttleShuttle no
  • Rockrock Granite