bandeau canyon

A canyon is a river that has been deeply carved into the bedrock, which makes a big natural water park! There are various fun jumps into deep pools of clear water and waterfalls to slide down. Sometimes, things will get more technical and ropes will be used while abseiling (rappelling) or tyrolining into spectacular water. Other parts will just be a matter of walking. When the water becomes deeper, swimming becomes necessary. Your wetsuit and waterproof container will help you float; EASY!

Canyoning is discovering a wild, hidden, breathtaking environment with all the pleasures of playing a game.


In spring and autumn, we focus on the Petra-Leccia canyon.

In summer, we advice the Verghellu, a favourite Altipiani canyon, it is just as extraordinary for a beginner as it is for an experienced canyoner. You can equally discover the Coriscia canyon or the athletic Haut-Vecchio canyon.

For families with young children, discover this activity with confidence with the descent of the Bas-Vecchio, a special canyon for the little ones.

It is also possible to choose other canyons from the map.


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The initiation of the Bas-Vecchio river is available from the age of 6 years. From 8 years, children can practice canyoning.

Through our various canyons, you can choose the one that suits you best.


By guides certified by the state.


Each guide has an insurance of civil professional responsibility. This does not substitute your own insurance for illness and accidents.

The sequence of activities

Provided equipment

Each individual borrows the needed equipment: wetsuit, helmet, canyoning rucksack, harness, leads, snap class and abseil device, ropes and water tight drums

We also provide shoes suitable to the canyon. They are extremely adherent (unlike basket shoes).

You need to bring


Eat starchy food the night before and eat a good breakfast before you leave in the morning.


By cheque, traveller’s cheques or cash.


Directly at our agency, by E-mail or by phone +33 (0) 686 166 791