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Tour Corsica on an E-bike

Accessible to everyone, taking you effortlessly from the mountains to the sea.

Opt for the easy choice and tour Corsica on a e-bike. This one week trip enables you to discover the island, from its heart, the mountains, all the way down to the sea. Along quiet and winding roads you will discover the the traditional « dry stone » villages of the interior before gliding down past the torn and broken cliff faces typical of the islands geology, towards the pretty little beaches of the west coast.

An e-bike means flexibility and liberty : more time to stop for a swim to take photos or to admire the magnificent landscapes. Everything is easier, you don’t have to fight for a parking space and the motor is there to assist you on the hill climbs enabling you to accomplish effortlessly 40 to 60km per day. All of this on a bicycle that is comfortable and agreeable, the pleasure of the outdoors with a minimum of effort, help that is more than welcome to tour this “mountain in the sea”.

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Your Program

Day 1 : It all begins in Corte.

It all begins in Corte. We introduce you to the e-bikes and explain how to use them. When this is done you leave for your first ride, in the Boziu micro region. Here the small stone villages either cling to the roads or are perched high on rocky outcrops. Built in the «dry stone» style, the numerous chapels and churches are typical of this type of traditional granite architecture. Your first night will be spent in a bed and breakfast near to the town of Ponte-Leccia. Dinner together with your hosts..

Day 2 : Crossing the Giunssani régioni

Crossing the Giunssani région, an area rarely visited by tourists, and for a good reason …… Following the narrow and sinuous road up to the Capanna pass (844m) you will catch your first glimpse of the sea and the Balagne region which now stretches out beneath your pedals.

Day 3 : from l’Ile-Rousse to Calvi

Along the «artisans trail» from l’Ile-Rousse to Calvi. This road, situated on a «balcony» along the base of the mountains enables you to overlook the coastline and appreciate some splendid views. At the same time you pass through the picturesque little villages like San-Antonino. The big monasteries, beautiful roman churches and the numerous mausoleums give you feeling of the importance that religion has exercised in Corsican life. The night will be spent in the heart of the Genoese city of Calvi.

Day 4

Rendez vous at Galeria, following the coastal road so "horrendous" by car, but totally transformed on an E-bike. Pedaling from one small blue creek to another and then on to sandy beaches brings out the desire to stop and to contemplate at every bend. For those who want to do a little more and appreciate the magnificent panoramas it is possible to go up to the chapel of Notre Dame de la Serra or onto the peninsular of the Revellata or evendown to the bay of Crovani.

A quiet night will be spent at Galeria.

Day 5 : from Galeria to Porto

The trip from Galeria to Porto is one of the most beautiful in Corsica, following the west coast on a narrow, windy little road. All day long you will have magnificent views of the coastline, the cliffs in the Scandola natural reserve and the gulf of Porto which are classed world heritage by UNESCO.

Night in Porto.

Day 6 : from Porto to the Vergio

De Porto au col de Vergio. Petit extra jusqu’aux célèbres calanches de Piana, où la route serpente entre les formes fantastiques des roches rouges, sur perspective du golfe de Porto. Montée au petit village montagnard d’Evisa en passant par les gorges de la Spelunca.Poursuite par la forêt d’Aïtone jusqu’au col de Vergio (1 477m), point le plus haut de votre itinéraire.

Day 7 : back to Corte

Back to Corte through the forest of the Valdu-Niellu with it’s majestic «lariccio pines» then down the narrow gorges of the Scala di Santa Regina, following the longest river in Corsica, the Golo. The numerous pools «inviting» you to stop for a swim. Then one last small climb enables you to rejoin Corte.


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