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GR20 south

The GR 20, legendary route traced in a wild world.

Its southern section which goes from Bavella to Vizzavona offers beautiful mountain landscapes with alpine atmospheres.

Known for being one of the most difficult hiking route in Europe, the trail was traced in 1970 by Michael Fabrikant and set up two years later by the Regional Park of Corsica. In Corsica, it is called "Fra li Monti" which means "Through the Corsican Mountain" because its path fits exactly the mountainous relief from the north-west of the island to the southeast.

By following the edge of the watershed that separates the Tyrrhenian Sea from the Mediterranean Sea, the GR20 crosses the greatest massifs of Corsica. Those in the south of the island are Bavella, Alcudina and Renosu. Starting the GR20 is to live one sporty and unforgettable week, through the most beautiful landscapes of the Corsican mountain, to reach out to others and the end of oneself.

This trip follows the exact path of the GR20 South. We approach it from Bavella (instead of Conca) to allow slightly shorter stages. We bring our affairs which prevents to extend the hiking up to locations accessible by car. Depending on the group level, we can also do more: peaks and prestigious venues are nearby the GR20.

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Day 1 :

Arrival by your own means in Ajaccio. Transfer to the Bavella Pass; night in lodging (1332 yards).

Day 2

Crossing the Bavella peaks, one of the most striking mountain locations of the island with the needles of red granite and huge slabs where cling very old lariccio pines. Night at the Asinao shelter (Elevation : +875 yards, -450 yards, Duration : 6).

Day 3

Steep climb to the summit of the Alcudina (2334 yards). Crossing the Cuscione plateau, surprising landscape of alternating green lawns and groves of tormented beech. Night in Bassett sheepfolds (E : +776 yards – 985 yards, D : 6:30).

Day 4

You reach "the edge of the statues," so named because of the many bizarre rock formations that point here and there. The shepherds actually call it A Monda, the stripped space. Night in Usciolu (E : +690 yards – 230 yards, D : 5).

Day 5

By following the ridge line that separates the Taravu from the eastern plain, you walk among the ponds of Diana, Urbinu and Palu and the massif of Renoso. Night in Prati (E : + 740 yards –640 yards, D : 6)

Day 6

Journey through the Marmano forest known to possess the greatest silver fir in Europe. Night in Capanelle ( E : + 330 yards - 600 yards, D : 6).

Day 7

Day of active recovery since the GR takes the old rampart walk, under lariccio pines and Vizzavona beeches . The trail passes several times near old sheepfolds. Night in the Vizzavona pass (E : + 110 yards, - 765 yards, D : 5).

Day 8

Nice breakfast before returning.

Warning, the above program is given as an indication, it may be subject to minor changes of routes, depending on weather and supply points.

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Traveling the GR 20 requires a habit of trekking in the mountains and the regular practice of a sport. The route is downhill, with a drop from 650 to 875 yards on some days, either stages from 6 to 7 hours walk. Aerial crossings exist, sometimes equipped with handrails. The porterage includes affairs and personal picnic lunch (either a bag of 22 to 26 lb).


Number of persons 6 to 8 pers. 9 to 11 pers. 12 pers. and more
Price€ 780€ 690€ 630

Booking : less than 6 persons, contact us.

Beyond 14 persons, we take an extra guide. Maximum 22 persons.

Prices includes


A qualified mountain guide.

Full board


Transfers from Ajaccio and to Ajaccio, Bastia or Calvi

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In April, May and October, it is cold in mountain; we advise our trips « The West Coast » et « Mare e Monti sud ».

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