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This hike will lead you from the Corsican mountain to the sea by paths which were formerly for pastures.

This hike will lead you from the Corsican mountains to the sea using the paths which were previously the trails that were used for seasonal migration of livestock to summer pastures. The paths taken are the old trails which were used between the people on the coast and in the mainland from the 14th century and by shepherds moving their livestock according to the season. Mules with trunks made of pine were used for transportation of goods. For example, they carted chestnuts, cheese, cédrat lemons and olives. This route was purely for practical reasons, in those days, nobody would dream of hiking here!

Following the example of the shepherds who moved following the seasons between the high altitudes and the sea, this hike follows the Corsican valleys, from the town of Corte, the historical heart of Corsica, to Porto, a little port nestled in the gulf. Crossing diverse countryside, the paths cross exceptional natural sights, with high altitude lakes surrounded by the highest summits in Corsica. On the descent, the forest paths cross rivers and torrents that contain multiple natural swimming pools. It ends on the coast with beautiful views over Porto bay.

These are the surroundings in which, in the middle of the day, it does you good to sunbathe, swim and dream.

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Day 1 :

We are going by coach to the village of Piana. Since Ajaccio about 1:30 travel by the gulfs of Sagone and Cargese, ranked among the finest in Europe. Arrival at the village facing the Gulf of Porto.

Day 2

A path between the peaks and the Gulf of Porto, which combines sea breezes and fragrances of the maquis. Overnight in the village at Ota. (Elevation: + 1040 yards - 765 yards. Stage: 6).

Day 3

From Ota to Evisa (962 yards) through the Gorges of the Spelunca. We follow the course of the river that we cross by former Genoese bridges. Unforgettable swimming in the river before getting to the village, under the welcome shade of the maquis. (E: + 765 yards m. S: 5 hours).

Day 4

Crossing of the forest Aïtone, one of the most beautiful forests of Corsica with its natural pools and towering Laricciu pine trees. Path of peaks to the Col de Vergio located at 1530 yards of altitude. Night at the pass. (E: + 930 yards. S: 6 hours).

Day 5

We reach the Nino Lake by a stage of the GR20. The trail begins quietly on an old path of the tour of round. At Bocca San Petru, overlooking beautiful beech whipped by the winds. Continuing to Nino Lake and its sweet pozzines. Back by the same route. (E + and -550 yards. S: 7 hours).

Day 6

Loop in the Tulla valley. By the GR20, we reach the Radule waterfall. Nearby is the sheepfold of Luc-Antoine, shepherd that still manufactures cheese the traditional way. Rise of the high valley of the Golo and back by the pozzines of Catamalza. (E: 370 yards, S: 5.30).

Day 7

We reach Albertacce by crossing a part of the Niolu, a former pastoral region. Near the trail is located an old village of the Bronze Age; below, the brave can swim in the turquoise basins of Golo. (E: -660 yards, + 890 yards, S: 6 hours). In mini bus we go down the Scala di Santa Regina by a road that runs through beautiful gorges. Arrival at Corte. Nice meal at the restaurant.

Day 8

Back to Ajaccio by train, with the picturesque « trinichellu » (total travel : 3h).

Warning, the above program is given as an indication, it may be subject to minor changes of routes, depending on weather and supply points.

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Number of persons 6 to 8 pers. 9 to 11 pers. 12 pers.and more
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On day 1 in Piana to Ajaccio, on day 2 from the Calanques of Piana to Ota, the day 7 from Albertacce to Corte and on day 8 from Corte to Ajaccio.

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Luggage transported by car to each stage.

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