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The West Coast

From the famous Calanches de Piana until the bay of Calvi, along the maritime facade of Corsica's Regional park.

This hike sets off from the calanques of Piano near Calvi, the coastal side of the regional park of Corsica. It follows the most beautiful stages of the Mare e Monti but also incorporates other interesting paths. The hike includes crossing the gulf of Porto and the Scandola nature reserve, which is classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Each day provides a new source of amazement. As the route is between the sea and mountains, this hike offers a wide variety of countryside: the famous sculptured rocks known as the calanches of Piana, paths zigzagging through the Corsican maquis and crossing former chestnut plantations, the chemin des douaniers (literally the customs path), which follows the ragged coastline of Corsica. Furthermore, your evenings will be spent in charming Corsican villages such as Piana and Ota where the houses made of red granite create an exceptional sight. The highpoint of the trip is arriving in Calvi; pottering around the cobbled streets of the citadel is a must.

In spring, you will be delighted by the smells and the flowering of the maquis. In autumn, you will be dazzled by the lights: and for those seeking pleasure, there is the possibility to swim in the sea every day.

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Day 1

Take the coach from Ajaccio via the gulfs of Sagone and Cargese known to be amongst the most beautiful gulfs in Europe, to the village of Piana. This listed village is made up of pink granite houses that tower above the sea. The panoramic view from the square is particularly splendid at sunset.

Day 2

Hike from the Calanques de Piana to the Capu d’Ortu : fantastic pink rock forms with views over Porto bay. Night spent in the village of Ota, equally superb and very welcoming.

Intermediate path : + 650 yards and – 710 yards, 4h30, 7 miles.
Sporty path : + 1100 yards and – 1150 m, 7h, 9.5 miles.

Day 3

A path between the mountain tops and Porto gulf, the smells of the maquis are brought alive by the sea breeze. Night spent in Serriera.

Intermediate path : + 380 yards and – 710 yards, 4h, 4.3 miles.
Sporty path : + 850 yards and – 1180 yards, 7.5 miles, 7h.

Day 4

A superb stage that will involve many creeks. A forest and maquis path, above the jagged coast to a hamlet called Osani(hotel formula) or Curzu (stage lodging formula).

Intermediate path : + 650 yards and – 500 yards, 4h30, 7.5 miles.
Sporty path : + 1050 yards and – 820 yards, 6h, 7 miles.

Day 5

This new day takes a path that towers above the jagged coastline to join the small port of Girlata, only accessible by foot or boat.

Intermediate path : + 450 yards and – 220 yards, 2h30, 3 miles
Sporty path : + 450 yards and – 6050 yards, 4h30, 6.5 miles.

Day 6

The path rises above the natural reserve of Scandola, the kingdom of cormorants, royal eagles, osprey and wild goats. You will pass through an oak forest, high maquis and witness outstanding views of Galeria bay. Night in Galeria, in stage lodging.
Hotel Formula: transfer to Calvi; night in the Genoan city.
Unique path: + 850 yards and – 820 yards, 6h, 7.5 miles

Day 7

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Number of persons 6 to 8 pers. 9 to 11 pers. 12 pers. and more Extra night in Calvi
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Hotel€ 840€ 780 € 740 € 65/pers.

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