bandeau canyon

Canyon of Coriscia

We like this day canyon for its enchanting descent. It is extremely wild and it is rare you will meet another group. It is a succession of clear emerald pools, little water slides, and smaller jumps which lead on from one another. Children will play to their hearts’ content, rushing to be the first behind the guide. As for the adults, they can amuse themselves just as much with the jumps and an abseil which is more impressive than it is dangerous.

Season – type of water

The river is mostly made up of melted snow, and the descent is possible from the beginning of June. During the summer, there is still a good level of pure, transparent water. It is great to stay in the water or under the waterfalls…

Altipiani provides you with special canyon shoes, extremely adherent, you do not wet your shoes and you feel safe!


€ 59/person

Family rate applicable from 4 people (€ 2 discount per person on the Verghellu and Bas-Vecchio 5 € discount for children on Petra-Leccia, Haut-Vecchio and Coriscia).


  • Village : Vivario
  • Watercourse : Coriscia

  • Waterfall. maxWaterfall 12m
  • RappelRappel Yes
  • ApproachApproach30mn
  • DescentDescent 4h30
  • ReturnReturn 15mn
  • ShuttleShuttle 3.0 km
  • Rockrock Granite

€ 55 !