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Rock climbing with Altipiani

Being the agency full of sporty passion, our desire is to share this with you.

Rock climbing is excellent exercise and enables you to learn how to manage your personal strength, to be precise on footing, have confidence in your rope partner and lose your fear of the unknown. Rock climbing is a psychically and mentally demanding sport that draws in many different personalities but it is accessible to everybody.

Right in the heart of a mountainous region, with several lakes, the Restonica Valley offers a considerable amount of rock climbing. The major routes up the rock faces offer unforgettable views over the river. Alternating between granite and limestone, the rocks offer a surprising amount of variety. Whatever your ability, touching the rocks while climbing will be a unique feeling.


To gently start off, we advise a climbing sessions on a learning climb in the Restonica Valley. You will quickly get used to the most important security techniques and away you go up an easy rock face, just like you were climbing a ladder! While gaining confidence in using the equipment and your climbing partner, you will forget your fears and quickly progress to the more challenging climbs.


Regularly practicing rock climbing, you want to climb up the more difficult rock faces and gain more autonomy.  We offer to you a session to approach your limits using more complex techniques and physical energy. You will learn the basics for being the leader and abseiling. We can extend this by covering techniques for climbs of several stages.

Alpine Routess

Already a pro? You want to reach a summit by climbing a multipitch route. Leading, or “second coming”, depending on your experience, we suggest that you climb with quickdraw on a well set up climb. You will learn to “read the rock” and to think up the path to reach the top.


Collective courses in half-day

40 €/ per person, minimum 4 people


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Half day
from 120 €
Full day
from 200 €
Advanced routes
from 220 €

Examples of the multipitch routes

We have selected 2 routes of an approachable level with astounding sculptured granite and even in the shade!  

Bella Ciao, (200 metres, 7 stages en 6a/6a+, 10 minutes walking) : the route is well set upand is ideal for beginners of more advanced routes in complete security.

Candella di l'oro, (200 mètres, 5 longueurs du 4 au 5+, 1h de marche d'approche) : superb climb a bit like an adventure course.

Of course, extensive options are available. We will guide you with pleasure.