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Day Hikes

At the geographical heart of the island, where the Tavignano, the Restonica and the Orta valley meet, the small town of Corte is ideal for hikers. Surrounded by mountains and valleys, numerous paths lead off into the spectacular landscapes. The high Campotile and Alzu plateaus are a wild sight covered in horses, cows, goats and sheep. The deep valleys offer so many hiking possibilities leading you to discover the wildlife and plant life in an exceptional nature. In each of the valleys have successions of glacial lakes, true jewels that reflect the beautiful mountains above.

Hiking with a mountain guide, you are able to discover the richness of the nature and the heritage throughout history by listening to the anecdotes of a passionate professional. He will safely lead you on demanding or more gentle hikes.


  • Entire day from €220
  • Half a day from €160

The price does not include the transport to the hike’s starting point, or the meal at midday.

The maximum number of participants is determined by the guide regarding the rules of the profession and hiking security conditions.