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For whom?

Because you want to become independent on a hike and direction is essential at a certain level of practice of the mountain.

Familiar with the direction you want to improve or prepare the examination of hiking instructor or mountain guide. We can build a customized program and you can enjoy our trainer number.

For what?

To know how to navigate through all weather, snow, fog, night, anywhere, with or without trails, even on snow, is advantageous.

The use of a GPS is not a substitute for basic knowledge in orientation: it gives you (normally) your position, still you need to know where it is located on the map. The guidebook is not enough either, except for trips that take place on obvious or signposted paths. Once you move in the mountains, summer and winter, the use of the map, compass and altimeter are required.


The time of one day, Altipiani will train you with maps, compass, altimeter and GPS. You will learn the basics of map reading, to orient and interpret it on the field using the landscape, vegetation, topography or hydrography. After having passed "on our school benches" we leave the Restonica valley for a walk to Reviseccu. We will follow the track you have stored on your GPS and we will use compass altimeter and map to search for beacons hidden by your guide. Corrections and cheers will close this day dedicated to life skills training.


1 person
€ 180
2 persons
€ 210
Additional person
€ 30
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