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Direction and GPS training course

You want to go hiking while becoming autonomous, in winter take your snowshoes or skis for a race in seal skins, you prepare for the examination of the mountain guide, or simply the discovery of, a new activity, from beginners to advanced, we offer this orientation course.

Read a map, interpret its information and compare them to the field realities, this is a first recipe to learn how to orient. The use of a compass, an altimeter, reading the map and the GPS are accessible to all in order to locate and track a specific itinerary even in the absence of visibility. These simple and very playful techniques become essential safety aspects in case of difficult conditions (fog, night, snow) over rough ground without paths or landmarks.

Our orientation session of three intense days will allow you to become familiar with different ways to use compass altimeter, maps and GPS. Our goal is to make you gain more autonomy in the mountains in order to approach new routes with a different view of the landscape.

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Day 1

Transfer by train (the trinichellu) from your point of arrival to the station of Corte. Meet upon arrival in the late afternoon and transfer to your accommodation.

Day 2

The morning will be devoted to the presentation of orientation tools (map, compass and altimeter), then we will examine different ways to use our tools to position ourselves correctly and easily on the field and to orient (sight, cross sight, single or multi progression).

We then go into the Restonica valley to picnic. The afternoon will be devoted to the practice of our training from morning with numerous exercises of sight and plot research with the compass. Debriefing and preparation for next day.

Day 3

Following the discovery of the operation of GPS, we learn to create a trace to guide us in the field. We then take the "trinichellu" the little train of Corsica, which takes us to the Vizzavona forest at the foot of the Monte d'Oro.

Our GPS led us to the famous "waterfall of the Englishmen." Then we go looking for beacons hidden by the guide in the beech forest. This orientation course will be an opportunity to use on the field all the learned orientation techniques, using comparatively compass, altimeter and GPS. We take the little train that takes us back to Corte. On the terrace of a bar we discuss the corrections and improvements of our techniques and we prepare the next day.

Day 4

From the Restonica valley, we follow our GPS for a hike to the plateau of Alzo. From there, our navigation instruments lead us to different sheepfolds of the plateau, at the wellsprings and other characteristic points. We learn a few more orientation techniques, we realize our mistakes and our achievements and we go back down to Corte. Friendly last night at the restaurant.

Day 5

End of the stay. Back to your place of embarkation in trinichellu.

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Stay insurance

Meeting point

See you on day 1 at your arrival at the station in Corte.

Back and end of the stay on day 5 in Corte.

Price per person

Number of persons 2 pers. 3 pers. 4 pers.
Camping € 690 € 620 € 580
Hotel € 820 € 730 € 690
Bed & Breakfast € 900 € 800 € 750

Training course opportunity externally. Price: € 350 (minimum 2 people). This price includes only the coaching and equipment, full board and transport are your responsibility.

Prices include


A qualified mountain guide.

Full board



All transfers from Corte from day 2 to day 4.

Equipment hire

Compass, detailed maps, GPS and small office supplies.

Recommended equipment

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For the stay