Self guided tours

Self guided hiking

Self guided hiking

Are you dreaming of going away as a couple, family or group of friends, without worrying about organising the holiday? Leave whatever dates you like for a self guided hike; a selection of routes are available to match your ability.

Making the most of our local knowledge, you can undertake a beautiful hike without the hassle of preparation and reservations. We will take care of reserving accommodation, organising your bus or train transportation and luggage transfers for the duration of the hike. All you have to do is enjoy discovering the route, its length, altitude levels, path markings and most importantly the detailed day by day itinerary including a map.


With our Alti hikes, you now have the possibility to hire a GPS system which marks the hike’s route and the points of interest. It is very simple to use, you will know your current position upon an IGN map, this allows you to go off and explore alternative paths.

Dakota or Oregan of Garmin model. Running time between 16 and 20 hours.
Available in a simple mode, rechargeable batteries and the charger are provided.

The price to rent for hike with Altipiano € 55.
Deposit € 300.

The West Coast

This hike sets off from the “calanques” of Piano near Calvi, the coastal side of the regional park of Corsica. It follows the most beautiful stages of the “Mare e Monti” but also incorporates other interesting paths. The hike includes crossing the gulf of Porto and the Scandola nature reserve, which is classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO.
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Mare e Monti sud

This hiking path allows you to discover the interior of Corsica and the gulfs of Valincu and Ajaccio. “A mountain in the sea” said Guy of Mauspassant when talking about the island that is nicknamed “the island of beauty”. You will not be disappointed by taking on the Mare e Monti Sud, a path that zigzags between an enchanting coastline and traditional villages perched in the mountains! The path begins in Alta Rocca, one of the regions containing the first Corsican settlements, shown by the number of archaeology sites.
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Transhumance path

This hike will lead you from the Corsican mountains to the sea using the paths which were previously the trails that were used for seasonal migration of livestock to summer pastures The paths taken are the old trails which were used between the people on the coast and in the mainland from the 14th century and by shepherds moving their livestock according to the season. Mules with trunks made of pine were used for transportation of goods. For example, they carted chestnuts, cheese, cédrat lemons and olives. This route was purely for practical reasons, in those days, nobody would dream of hiking here!
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Objective 2000

The summits of Corsica. We are suggesting to you a stay with 2 home bases. After a day full of activity, you won’t need to then worry about luggage. We offer three types of accommodation to fit everybody’s needs. Firstly, housed in the heart of the famous Vizzavona forest, you undertake the ascent of the two summits Walking on the continental divide , you can admire the countryside made by the Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian seas. You will also walk along the well known GR20.
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