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Ojbective 2000

Objectif 2000

Moutain peaks of Corsica

We propose you a stay where you radiate from two points of attachment. By performing sports days, you will not have to worry about your luggage. We also offer three types of accommodation to suit the resources of each one. First accommodated in the heart of the famous forest of Vizzavona, you will perform the ascent of two peaks located on either side of the pass. By hiking on the watershed, you will admire at leisure the landscape stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to the Tyrrhenian Sea. You will also walk the illustrious GR 20 trail.

The second part of the stay takes place in Corte, the ancient capital of Corsica and now a university town. Your steps lead you in a sumptuous nature, above the valleys where a number of mountain lakes of glacial origin nestle. During each climb, you will admire the highest peaks of the island: the Cintu, roof of Corsica, the Ritondu, the Monte d'Oro and even until the Rinosu and the Alcudina at the extreme south.

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