The Agency

Who we are

Altipiani, Outdoor Sports ,is a “sporty nature” agency: hiking, rock climbing, canoyoning, cycling. Our office is in the heart of the Corsican mountains.

In 1999, Agnès, a mountaineering professional, created Altipiani. Being a hiking guide, rock climbing and canyoning instructor, she will be your main contact point when preparing and organising your holidays. During the summer, you will also find her in the mountains, up a cliff, or in a canyon. With her university training in Mediterranean ecology, you can question her about the nature and the culture of this beautiful island.

In the office, or on the telephone, we shall give you a warm and personalised welcome. Our good humour is contagious and you can rely on us to find the product that suits you best.

Pascal, Agnès’ husband, a mountain guide, is the final member of the team. With a bit of logic and help with the German conversations, he looks after us all…
During the summer, two canyon-rocki climbing instructors come to help our little team out. Their “joie de vivre” will light up your stay.

The team would not be complete without our volunteers who advise and help us nearly every day. Philippe, the webmaster, who, with all his technical skills, enables you to explore our website. And Röbu von Biel who, between two trips abroad translated the site into the language that we wanted.

The shop

In 2010 our passion leads us naturally to an interest in the equipment used in our operations. We decided to use some of our local equipment sales and technical textiles related to the mountain and travel. Naturally the Alti-Shop was born. 3 years later, we moved to a beautiful store, you can find online on the web:


carte de corsecarte de de corte


  • 2, Place Paoli
  • 20 250 CORTE (CORSE)

  • Tel : +33 6 86 16 67 91

  • Coordinated GPS
  • Latitude : 42.3046
  • Longitude : 9.1510